An evolving series of workshops, classes & intensives led by Emily as part of her physical research as dancer & choreographer. A way to develop thinking, creative, expressive & technically driven dancers. A testing ground for Emily’s choreographic ideas exploring the interplay between set & improvised movement structures, working physically with quality & sensation, incorporating writing techniques. Documentation using photography will often be used as a way to capture the physical work.

Delivered as part of the MASTER WORKSHOP PROGRAMME 2019 #12
with Hall For Cornwall

Date Sunday 27th January 2019
AMATA, Falmouth University, Studio F

Who? For dancers, choreographers and practitioners who have an active physical practice.

A technical and creative day focussing on solo studies and our personal connection to everyday sound. The workshop will combine taught dynamic set phrases, improvisational enquires and responding solo tasks all rooted in quality of movement and our relationship to space. Be prepared to sweat, to work deeply and be inspired by text, sound, music and each other.

This workshop forms part of Emily’s ongoing physical research as dancer and choreographer through her Immersive Imaginations workshop series. This workshop is an extension of her current project In My Head, about everyday sound and hearing loss funded by Arts Council England, supported by Hall for Cornwall and AMATA.

“The day was a creative gift, encouraging both ease & challenge in the dancer.”
- Immersive Imaginations workshop participant 2017

I found your choice of words/input, very quickly made me understand & really picture what we were working on. I liked that you used well chosen words, almost in a poetic way. How you kept the improvisation going for some time was useful, I had to get through the controlling layer to be able to let go.
- Julie Drønen Ekornes - Panta Rei Danseteater Company Class


Photo: Emily Alden
Dancer: Julie Drønen Ekornes