An evolving series of workshops, classes & intensives led by Emily as part of her physical research as dancer & choreographer.

Immersive Imaginations
a workshop series developing thinking, creative, expressive & technically driven dancers. A testing ground for Emily’s choreographic ideas exploring the interplay between set & improvised movement structures, working physically with quality & sensation, incorporating writing techniques. Documentation using photography will be used as a way to capture the physical work.

Workshop 1: September 2017 Professional dancers & practitioners
Workshop 2: January 2019 more information coming…

“The day was a creative gift, encouraging both ease & challenge in the dancer.”
- Immersive Imaginations workshop participant 2017

I found your choice of words/input, very quickly made me understand & really picture what we were working on. I liked that you used well chosen words, almost in a poetic way.
How you kept the improvisation going for some time was useful, I had to get through the controlling layer to be able to let go.
- Julie Drønen Ekornes - Panta Rei Danseteater Company Class


Photo: Emily Alden
Dancer: Julie Drønen Ekornes