Artistic Statement


I’m interested in using the language and aesthetic of movement to explore the brutal beauty in an idea. I use intuitive, creative thinking as lifeblood to drive ideas to fuel the physical & expressive body.

Getting back to basics, to really consider human beings in a space, together, is a key initiator of my work, a sharp eye in the process for honing in on & nudging individual potential in the people I work with. I’m interested in translating the personal to the universal with an unapologetic honesty, exploring multifaceted ways to connect to people emotionally.

Relishing in what dance can explore is & will always be my first passion. Considering how other art forms can work hand in hand with dance, for me, gives even more depth to what movement is capable of communicating to an audience & I work deeply with an exciting, evolving team of artistic collaborators, movers & shakers to bring to life visionary, connected work in practice & performance.


Photo: Steve Tanner
Work: Effete by Emily Alden