An experienced teacher & practitioner, Emily leads classes & workshops for dance & theatre companies, educational institutions, organisations & as part of her own independent practice.

Exploring her physical & performative experience across dance & theatre, Emily uses an evolving combination of set exercises & improvisational play, technical precision & the imagination as a tool to train the body & mind, to affectingly expressive capabilities. She holds the space for people to be seriously playful, curiously risk taking & to work deeply & freely to discover untapped potential. Emily leads professionals through to untrained novices.

Emily has taught company class for WildWorks, Cscape Dance, Freefall Dance, Panta Rei Danseteater & Shabana Jayasingh.




An evolving series of WORKSHOPS, CLASSES & INTENSIVES led by Emily, part of her physical research & creative exploration as a dancer & choreographer. A way to develop thinking, creative, expressive & technically driven dancers. A testing ground for Emily’s choreographic ideas exploring the interplay between set & improvised movement structures with quality & sensation. A way to use photography & writing techniques to ignite & surface ideas, document process & capture final sharing of research.


2019 Research Workshop Coming Soon.
Please get in touch if you would like to be involved.
2019 Research Workshop
with students & staff at AMATA, Falmouth University.
2019 Workshop
Solo Studies, HFC Master Workshop Programme #12, AMATA.
2018 Workshop
for dancers, choreographers & practitioners. Supported by HFC.
2017 Company Class
with Pina Rei Danseteater, Oslo.


Immersive Imaginations Workshop - Part of the HFC MW#12 Programme 2019
Photos by Emily Alden